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Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative forms to foster adoption of the smart grid - More

Home Technology Specialists of America Invites Invenshare Creator to Host Personalized Member Training - More

Stereo Advantage Welcomes SVS as Newest High Performance Audio Brand - More

Linear Launches Enterprise Access Control, Sold Through “Dealership” Partners - More

HTSA Unveils New Lead Management Tool and Enhanced Marketing Elements - More

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From a two-person start up to one of the largest companies in the world, Caster has been framing messaging for consumer electronics brands since our onset. For us, there is no brand too big or too small, no product too mainstream or niche. Give us luxury or affordable, indulgent or budget conscious - we are tech people. It’s what we do.

We were at the forefront of the HDTV revolution. We were a key player in the launch of satellite radio. Home theater in a box, did it. Industry’s first movie server and the copyright lawsuit that ensued, we did that too. Plasmas, LCDs, 3D. Digital Homes and Smart Homes. Universal Remote Controls. Earbuds. Energy Management Systems. Smart Grid. We just wonder; what will we get to do next?

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