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Control4 Announces Availability of HC-250 Controller

Versatile control solution adds increased speed, performance and flexibility for homeowners and businesses.

Salt Lake City, UT - April 18, 2012 -
Control4, a leading innovator in residential and light commercial automation systems, announces the availability of its HC-250 Controller, the perfect one-room, home theater solution. The Control4® HC-250 is packed with the horsepower to enable customers to whip through media libraries on-screen without delays. For larger installations, the HC-250's sleek design and Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity make it a perfect control solution for every TV throughout a home or office. 

Unlike traditional universal remote controls, the HC-250 Controller empowers dealers with the ultimate single-room control solution that has the power and flexibility to extend automation beyond just media entertainment devices. Whether for homes or business installations, the HC-250 harnesses the power of Control4's award-winning operating system to deliver intuitive control of lighting, climate, security and appliances, while also providing instantaneous access to video and music collections, gaming systems, streaming content and much more.  

Consumers can easily and intuitively interact with their Control4® systems using the on-screen navigation on large-screen TVs, through dedicated in-wall and tabletop Control4® touch screens, and via their tablet and smart phone with the Control4® MyHome application.

"Today, we have the ability to control all of the entertainment devices you'd find in a typical living room," noted Martin Plaehn, Control4's CEO. "What makes the HC-250 useful and unique is its capability to deliver customized control for many more systems and appliances in the connected home. It's this value, power and versatility that provide our dealers with limitless ways to fulfill their customers' automation needs."

With a sleek design and compact form-factor, the HC-250 fits easily behind a TV, on a shelf or in a rack - making it ideal for single-room control systems or as the way to deliver automation and on-screen control through every television throughout the home. With a next-generation 1GHz processor, the HC-250 delivers exceptional speed and power so users can browse very large media libraries and enjoy a selected movie, song, or playlist in mere seconds, activate lighting before their finger leaves the touch screen, and control an entire home from their TV instantaneously.

The HC-250 Controller features new built-in PoE capability enabled by the single CAT5/CAT6 cable found behind nearly every TV today. Additionally, the HC-250 supports both digital audio and video over HDMI (2 audio outputs - 1 analog and 1 HDMI, plus 1 analog audio input), and offers integrated Wireless-N WiFi and ZigBee for high-performance wireless networking. The HC-250 Controller also includes support for up to 4 IR (or 2 IR and 2 Serial ) devices as well as a USB port for outboard connection to external storage of music, pictures and more.  

"All I can say is well done Control4! With PoE, WiFi and Ethernet options for communication, this is the perfect ‘Swiss Army knife' of home control," stated AJ Brunson, of Cinegration LLC. "The speed, functionality and flexibility that the HC-250 brings gives me a wealth of business opportunities and the ability to leverage the new controller for residential projects or light commercial spaces."

The HC-250's performance capability positions it as a complete one-controller solution, driving single-room system opportunities while acting as a building block for future upgrade opportunities.

Now shipping, the HC-250 has an introductory US MSRP of $599.

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Control4 (CTRL) is a leading provider of automation systems for homes and businesses, offering personalized control of lighting, music, video, temperature, security, communications and similar functionalities into a unified home automation solution that enhances the daily lives of its customers. Control4 unlocks the potential of connected devices, making entertainment systems easier to use, homes more comfortable and energy efficient, and families more secure. More than 75% of Control4's consumers have integrated two or more functionalities with Control4's solution, which is available through more than 2,800 custom integrators, retail outlets, and distributors in over 80 countries. By delivering insightfully simple control solutions that enhance the lives of individuals and families, Control4 is the automation platform of choice for consumers, major consumer electronics companies, hotels, and businesses around the world.

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