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Industry Buzz

No one will work harder or with more enthusiasm for your company than Caster. I’ve worked with numerous agencies from my days at TiVo to now at Control4, and Caster continuously impresses.

Susan Cashen
 Senior Vice President, Marketing

Caster Communications is one of those rare "PR companies" that actually knows the custom installation industry. They don't just write press releases and serve as secretaries to their clients' marketing managers. They know what they're talking about, and they understand the needs of specific members of the press -- which reporters need their hands held in matters of technology, and which ones want to dive right into the nitty gritty. They are quick and responsive and they don't waste my time.

Julie Jacobson
 Co-founder of EH Publishing and editor-at-large
CE Pro magazine

Caster Communications does a fantastic job of representing its clients, which works to both the clients' advantage and mine. They take the time to understand the publications I write for. That's rare these days -- and it makes me much more receptive to their pitches.

Brent Butterworth
Industry Icon

After graduating from college with a degree in journalism many years ago, I made a personal rule to hold public relations people at an arm’s length. I first broke that rule when I married my wife. Later I got to know the folks at Caster Communications and found that I could maintain my journalistic integrity while simultaneously being pretty good friends with a group of top-quality PR people. Kim Lancaster and her team are great at their jobs and great friends as well.

Jeremy J. Glowacki
Editorial Director
Residential Systems magazine

Caster is the most progressive Public Relations firm in the Custom Electronics market. With a dedicated team consistently developing fresh ideas, this company has the resources and the foresight to propel a brand to the top of its category. Caster’s media relations, innovative event planning, and top-notch messaging were instrumental in the growth and continued recognition of our brand.

Brian Paper
VP Business Operations / co-Founder
Niveus Media, Inc

I’ve joked at times that the entire field of public relations should be renamed "artwork management," given that the bulk of my interactions with most PR firms revolves around begging for photos. That’s never the case with Caster Communications. All of the images I could ever ask for are right here on the website. Along with oodles of actual information, to boot. And if, for some reason, I need to know more, it’s always just a quick phone call or email away.

You’d think such readily available information would result in less interaction with a PR firm; it actually results in more meaningful interaction, freeing up more time for me to actually go one step further than mere "relations" and build relationships. As a result of those relationships, I have a better understanding of how the products that Caster represents might appeal to my readers, and Kim and her team have a better understanding of me and the specific audiences for which I write.

"PR firm" simple doesn’t adequately describe what they do. They’re combination support line/information center/extended family for me and every consumer electronics journalist I know. I couldn’t imagine doing my job without them.

Dennis Burger
HD Living

Caster is an expert at introducing new products and supporting other marketing initiatives that will build the brand in expected and unexpected places.

Bob Hana
Managing Director

Over the years I've found the team at Caster Communications to be courteous and professional. Whether I am asking for a photograph or a quote on a tight deadline, Caster always seems to deliver. When Caster pitches a story idea, the suggestions are realistic and based upon the conditions that exist in the current industry market. Most of all, Caster knows when to be aggressive and when not to be aggressive when dealing with me.

Robert Archer
Senior Editor
CE Pro and Electronic House magazines

Everyone at Caster is a joy to work with. They get back to you right away, and are seemingly always working.

Geoffrey Morrison

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