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Control4 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch is Now HDBaseT Certified - More

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HealthSpot Showcases Innovative Healthcare at the Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow & Connect Ohio Tech Lobby Day - More

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Home entertainment is a specialty niche that is the sum of two parts: Audio and Video. Lots of elements make up these parts, music and movies, speakers and TV; but it comes down to this: do you like watching movies with an in-the-theater experience or playing music like you are at a concert? Enthusiasts want it to be real. We make it real.

We put our clients’ products in the hands of influential reviewers. They are musicians themselves, they are sound mixers, they are directors, they are audiophiles, they are videophiles. And they know what great speakers sound like, they know when colors pop on screen, and what they say can make or break a product.

AV also means lots of accessories, BluRay players, Media Servers, Mounts, and Cables. We can work with you to drive your brand awareness, gain media coverage with valuable links that drive SEO and build page trust. If social media is your need, we can help drive programs that engage your community, define your voice, and create meaningful interactions that build loyalty for your brand. Our team has been at the forefront of the social #AV community, and we invite you to check out @castercomm and enjoy our social web presence.

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