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About Caster

We are smart. We practice what we preach.

All of us vote.

Two of us have iPhones. Two of us have Droids. Two of us have iPads. We all Kindle.

Two of us are parents.

One of us has two cats. One of us has a dog. One of us wants a dog. One of us has a lizard. One of us had 14 fish for 14 days.

Some of us chef. Some of us sous-chef. Some of us take-out.

Some of us like indie rock. Some of us like country. One of our playlists comes solely from Glee.

One of us skis. Three of us snowboard. One of us white-water rafts.

We all love living by the ocean.

Most of us love shoes. Three of us have a problem with them.

One of us has an XY chromosome and could care less about shoes.

All of us Tweet. All of us are on Facebook. All of us Pinterest. One of us has an Etsy page.

Some of us own houses. Some of us rent.

One of us is a coach.

Some of us are funny. Some of us think we’re funny.

All of us are great at what we do.

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